About VamoLá!

VamoLá! is a Seattle-based Brazilian drum and dance ensemble that brings the spirit of Carnaval to life through vibrant parades and performances. Our main focus is on Rio-style samba, but we perform a variety of other music and dance styles from all over Brazil. Our name means, “Let’s go!” in Portuguese, and we do just that — we get people going!
VamoLá drummers and dancers

Our History

VamoLá was founded in 2000 by a musician named Tom Armstrong along with his wife and a group of friends and community members that shared an interest in samba and Brazilian culture.


Today, we’re still going strong, and our group is led by a Steering Committee of drummers and dancers:

  • Musical and Drum Director: Grant Emery
  • Assistant Drum Director, Booking Manager: Mitch Fishman
  • Dance Director: Erin Hurr
  • Dance Co-Director: Lisa Fann
  • Treasurer: Casey Bardue